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Environmental Policy

Vickers Electronics Ltd maintain an environmental management system throughout all the sites and locations that we operate on that addresses the use of energy, raw materials, water and waste and seeks to prevent and limit environmental accidents through good local management methods.

Vickers Electronics provides a high quality manufacturing service and provision. It is inevitable that during our operations we will use water and other materials.

It is Vickers Electronics’ policy to provide services that cause as little damage as possible to the environment and do not adversely affect the health and safety of personnel inside or outside the sites and locations where it operates.

Vickers Electronics will comply with all the relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice in force, co-operating fully with the appropriate regulatory authorities and establishing close links with environmental agencies to promote an interchange of information on good environmental practice.

Vickers Electronics will maintain an environmental management system (EMS) throughout all its sites and locations where it provides services. This system will address the use of energy, raw materials, water and waste and will seek to prevent and limit any environmental accidents and pollution. It will develop contingency procedures in case of such accidents and will evaluate, control and reduce any contaminants generated. Vickers Electronics aims to recycle as much of its waste as possible and will ensure that all of its waste is disposed of correctly.

Vickers Electronics will assess the environmental effects of its operations with the aim of controlling and reducing to a minimum any environmental impact they may have. The Company will also continually monitor and seek to improve its environmental performance and to reduce its water and energy consumption. The Company will also review and adopt the least environmentally damaging transport strategy for its vehicle fleet.

Vickers Electronics will set out environmental targets for all relevant activities, and regular environmental audits of all aspects of the Company’s activities will be carried out. These targets and the results of environmental management system will be made available to interested parties on request.

Vickers Electronics will regularly review its Environmental Management Policy.

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