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We have been informed that some of our customers have been approached by other organisations with a view to either servicing equipment installed by Vickers Electronics or implying that a further lease is required for the equipment.

Please be aware that an approach from any organisation other than Vickers Electronics or Pilot Group is not an approach from the providers of your equipment.

If you have a lease arranged via Vickers Electronics there is no reason to enter into an additional lease for your equipment, and doing so will result in unnecessary costs for your business.

Additionally, if your equipment is serviced by anyone other than an approved Pilot Group/Vickers engineer then any existing warranty cover and/or savings guarantee will be void.

If you need any more information regarding this or if you are unsure about someone that has already contacted you, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or or on 0161 886 7190.

Vickers is now part of the Pilot Group


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