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Energy Management

At Vickers we know that energy management is an essential part of any business, which is why we work with our customers to create a bespoke energy saving strategy and ensure that they achieve optimum energy efficiency.

Vickers is an energy management specialist with over 28 years’ experience of providing energy savings in industrial and commercial businesses across the UK, USA and Europe, and have invested heavily in product development. We now offer an advanced energy management system, setting new standards in the market and continuing to provide our customers with guaranteed savings.

With the help of our team of experienced engineers and designers, Vickers offers a comprehensive service including site surveys, system specification, installation, commissioning and post-installation support. Our expert in-house lighting design team can provide a bespoke full lighting scheme proposal.

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Energy Management

We pride ourselves on developing easy to use energy management
systems, specifically designed to monitor and control industrial
heating. We are committed to contributing to a low carbon future

  • Energy consumption reductions, decreased carbon footprint
  • Minimum disruption at the time of installation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Single point of control for maximum comfort
  • Increased staff productivity by improving working environment
  • Downloadable reports


Energy management system

IMPROVED Heating system control

Vickers’ award winning technology for controlling heating systems is now improved to ensure simpler scheduling and easy monitoring.

NEW Lighting system control

Control your lighting system in the multiple zones. DALI compatibility provides complete flexibility of configuration of the lights, independent of the wiring.

NEW Air conditioning system control

Schedule and pre-set optimum temperature in the zone for maximum comfort and energy savings.

NEW Compressor control

Schedule the on/off operation to reduce the maintenance and save energy.

NEW Wireless sensors

A broad range of solutions can be tailored to specific requirements including air quality measurements, power and energy usage metering, occupancy monitoring, equipment monitoring

NEW Real time management control

User friendly interface allows easy navigation through menus. Secure, cloud based application provides remote access from any Internet enabled device.


Energy Management System EMS

Our energy management system integrates a central control unit, highly accurate digital sensors and web-enabled access to optimise the performance of your heating system.

The built-in algorithms will process the internal and external temperatures to calculate how long the heaters should be running. Unlike a conventional heating system, the sensors are responsive to changes in conditions and will automatically adjust the heaters to achieve the pre-set temperature.

The intelligent energy management system responds to these variable factors to ensure that the heating in any one zone never goes above the target temperature. Energy Saving Trust confirms that these methods can save significant amounts of money. They state that,

“Every degree you go over your target temperature
adds 10% to your fuel spend.”

Your Heating in Check

Heating controls

Scheduling operation of heaters

Synchronous burner control function

Self-learning programme

Multi Burner Failure Detection function*

Accurate temperature control

Door switch

Failsafe strategy


*radiant heaters type

Lighting On Demand

Lighting controls

Scheduling operation of lights

Lighting zones

Easy commissioning

Brightness control 0-100% – digital dimming **

Ability of re-configuration/re-grouping the lights **


**DALI compatible system

Keep Your Cool

Air conditioning controls

Scheduling operation of air conditioning units

Accurate temperature control

Fan speed control

It Makes Sense

Wireless Sensors

Non-intrusive and low cost installation

Air quality monitoring for safety and comfort

Power/energy usage metering

Sub-metering for improved energy management

Equipment monitoring – usage, voltage fluctuations, temp rise, failure notifications

Occupancy and motion monitoring for space/workforce optimisation

Process control monitoring to maximise efficiency and safety

Compliance reporting

You’re in Full Control

Real-time Management Controls

Easy to navigate user interface

Cloud based, enabling remote access

Self-learning algorithms to optimise performance with minimal intervention

Live data graphs

Password protected access


The support team are on hand to help answer any questions you may have, so if you are looking for a team to help support you every step of the way then contacts us today.


How it all works

Data is securely backed up to the cloud
and can be accessed from any device.

Gathers all data from the sensors to push to the central control unit. The central control unit processes the temperature measurements and sends a message to the outstation to directly control the heaters.

All temperature information is fed to the central controller via network cables to avoid dips in connectivity. Data is analysed and should temperatures need altering this message is sent back to the outstation to control the heaters.

Located within each zone, they continually monitor air temperature.

An energy management system built to improve energy efficiency, productivity and help sustain an effective working environment.










All systems come with a complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement which includes an onsite annual health check. Our warranty and service can be extended at any time to ensure that your energy management systems continue to optimise efficiency.

Our warranty and annual service agreement includes:

Full Parts Icon

Full parts and labour

For any system related

Annual Service Icon

Annual service

Re-calibration of the system, recommission and a full service report

Engineer Icon

Engineer call outs

Site call outs to reported system faults with priority booking slots

Software Icon

Software updates

Provided when available

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