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Energy usage surveys

Our highly trained team carry out a detailed and informative audit of each premises, which is then used to create a proposal of how the VickersMgr can guarantee to reduce your energy by 25%.

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Purchase options

With our lease purchase, option businesses can immediately start saving money, reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions at no upfront cost.


Warranty and support

Whether you are having technical difficulties or simply have a question about our energy management systems, our highly trained, dedicated help desk is available to assist.

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Annual service agreements

Our customers receive a complimentary 12 months warranty and annual service agreement (ASA) upon their order. This can be extended at any time to ensure that our customers’ energy management systems are achieving optimum efficiency.


Lighting schemes

LED lights are up to 60% more energy efficient than traditional lighting. When switching to LED lighting our customers find that they not only increase their energy efficiency but reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions too.

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Vickers is now part of the Pilot Group


For the latest updates on new and advanced sustainable energy management solutions visit the Pilot Group website.


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