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LED Lighting Schemes

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Bespoke lighting solutions from specification to final installation

Using the latest technologies, Vickers LED can design and specify your LED lighting scheme, ensuring you make maximum savings. Using our payback calculator, Vickers LED can show you how fast payback can be achieved, so you can sit back and enjoy the savings over the life of the LED products.


Our LED lighting schemes


Savings of up to 60% can be made when switching to LED, and sometimes even more! Old and outdated lighting within large commercial or industrial buildings can be responsible for up to 80% of onsite electricity usage. The cost savings made by the installation of new energy efficient lighting and controls typically result in the single biggest reduction in electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Savings of up to 60% are possible, with every penny saved contributing directly to net profit.


We will undertake a no obligation, comprehensive lighting survey on your building and provide you with a breakdown of the costs of your existing lighting. With one simple visit, we will factor in operating hours and electricity costs – providing a detailed report, offering recommendations of the changes you can undertake. Switching to LED will significantly lower your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint.


As well as supplying the lighting for your project, We offer a complete bespoke design and, if required, an installation service. We work closely with you from the start, ensuring everything fits and works perfectly, from testing through to commissioning and sign off.


We have access to the most leading and reputable brands on the market, ensuring every budget is catered for. We select the best products that work for your scheme, no matter what the brand. Customers’ needs drive our designs. Collectively, we find and develop energy saving technologies for you, whilst ensuring we work to the relevant workplace standards.
We are proud to consider the environment and focus on reaching sustainability and climate change targets.


We offer fully financed options. Our finance partners can demonstrate how you can fund your new lighting installation directly through your energy savings. Energy saving lighting provides a quick, guaranteed return on investment, typically within 24-36 months, with less than 12 months being possible in some cases. There are many indirect financial benefits including reduced lighting maintenance costs, better productivity in improved working conditions, and avoiding financial penalties of new stringent environmental regulations.

Let Vickers LED be your solution provider of choice and help make your business more sustainable.


The support team are on hand to help answer any questions you may have, so if you are looking for a team to help support you every step of the way then contacts us today.


Our LED lighting applications

Our team of lighting design experts emphasises flexibility at the design stage. For our customers this means that our commercial lighting design services are tailored to your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a small showroom or a complex, multi-site business, our experienced team of lighting designers can create the right lighting solution for you.

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